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From Rags to Riches to Rags

Hi. I’m from Flushing, Queens. That’s right, where the situational comedy epic “The Nanny” was set. It also happens to be the home of the New York Mets, The 1964 World’s Fair and home to one of the largest Korean immigrant populations in the US.

As most family immigration stories go, mine crawled through snow and dirt to grant me a life full of opportunities outside of the war-torn motherland. So from a very young age I was precociously aware of WHY we were poor and HOW we could overcome this poverty: By getting the right education and becoming a Doctor and/or Lawyer.

3rd Bday Cake: A Choco Pie on top of a flipped over bowl.

That little boy didn’t become a doctor and I hope he never steps foot in a law school library. Instead I fell into the tech sector. I spent 7 years developing research on connecting Fortune 500 companies’ databases to optimize marketing strategy and create smarter digital advertising models.

I was getting paid over $100K/year with bonuses, full benefits, expense accounts, unlimited vacation days and equity. I had finally become the beacon of economic success my family dreamed of as they treaded through the murky waters of Pyongyang.

@ Yahoo! National Sales Conference, where Tiki Barber awarded me a Samsung 3D TV for being awesome.

And then I found improv. The day I saw my first improv show something started to unravel in me. It was as if all of a sudden

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